Grandmas Coop Dust

Grandma's Coop Dust

An all natural mineral and clay dust bath, apply weekly in nesting boxes. Can also use in dust bath tray, birds will use as needed. Apply directly to birds for immediate needs and to wounds and sores to absorb drainage and aid healing.
Poultry Whitener

Poultry Whitener

The ideal product for show bird enthusiasts! All natural, enzyme activated with brightening action. No bleach, dye or stripping agents. Safe and effective!
Poultry Insect Repellent

Poultry Insect Repellent

All natural repellent made with Port Orford Cedar Oil and citronella. It’s safe and effective in repelling the pests that bother your birds and can spread disease.
Poultry Wound Spray

Poultry Wound Spray

All natural, made with nature’s best antiseptic and healing ingredients. No stinging or burning, it’s safe and soothing for open wounds and abrasions.
Pick-No-More Lotion Photo

Pick-No-More Lotion

Reduces cannibalism in poultry. It comes in a convenient 4oz squeeze bottle with applicator tip. A proven peck control product group for many years.
Vitamins and Electrolytes with Lactobacillus Photo

Vitamins & Electrolytes with Lactobacillus

A soluble nutritional vitamin and electrolyte supplement for poultry, containing a source of live (viable) naturally occurring micro-organisms. Comes in a convenient, easy to use 8 oz. container with screw on lid for better storage.
Poultry Cell Photo

Poultry Cell

The maker of champion birds, is an essential blood-building supplement with extra iron and amino acids. Poultry Cell enhances and promotes good health. Available in 16oz and 32oz bottles.
Poultry Booster Photo

Poultry Booster

A pelleted top dressing that contains vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. High in calcium for bone and egg development. Available in a 1.25lb jar.
Liquid B-12 Photo

Liquid B-12

Super concentrated with 10,000 mcg. of pure B-12 per ounce, Rooster Booster Liquid B-12 is a premium vitamin supplement for all classes of poultry. Available in 16oz bottle.
Sheep and Goat Liquid B-12 Photo

Sheep & Goat
Liquid B-12

Super concentrated with 10,000 mcg. of pure B-12 per once, Sheep & Goat Liquid B-12 is a trusted name for producing Grand Champions in the show ring. Available in 16oz and 32oz bottles.