Rooster Booster manufactures and sells poultry feed additives and supplements, as well as products to control poultry cannibalism, picking, and pecking. Whether you are interested in products for poultry nutrition or poultry and fowl flock management products, Rooster Booster will meet your most demanding needs. Rooster Booster Products will enhance and promote good health, in addition to better bone and egg development.

You don't have to be a large poultry producer to use our products. Tried and true Rooster Booster Products are manufactured under the highest quality control.

Poultry includes: hens, roosters, chicks, pullets, breeders, and broilers.

Fowl includes: ducks, geese, pigeons, turkeys, emus, and ostriches.

We are dedicated to helping your flock achieve peak health and condition. Our products have been thoroughly tested on the farm, in the backyard, and in the show pen. 4-H members and amateur and professional show bird owners have come to rely on Rooster Booster Products to help them win the Blue Ribbons on competition days.

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A balanced diet is essential for regular egg production and for the general health and well-being of birds. Rooster Booster Products are designed to help you meet all the health, growth, and production needs of poultry and fowl.

Just like humans and other animals, poultry and fowl require appropriate vitamins and minerals as part of their well-balanced diets.


Rooster Booster chicken vitamins are ideal to use for all birds at times of stress or illness, but are mainly formulated for increased egg laying, healthy growth, and breeding programs. Rooster Booster poultry-formulated vitamin feed additives in your poultry rations are an essential tool to promote healthy growth, increased reproduction, and lower mortality rates. Vitamins also help you manage stress and disease levels in your poultry or fowl flocks. Rooster Booster Liquid B-12 Plus Vitamin K is an excellent poultry and fowl vitamin feed additive supplement product.

Rooster Booster products are for sale in feed stores and farm & ranch supply stores across the country. Check our distributor page to see if there is a store near you.

Rooster Booster Products are also available for purchase on our website for customers who do not have a store nearby. Have a browse and add items to your basket.

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